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Distribution Services first started door to door leaflet deliveries in 1988 & over the years we have expanded our customer base not through marketing but due to our high level of customer service & word of mouth for our leaflet distributions.
  • Fully trained full time staff.
  • Short lead time from quotatation to distribution.
  • Back checking service, door knocking.
  • Working all weathers.
  • Supervisors & Deliverers in constant communication.
  • Each distribution team has a responsible team leader who reports to an area manager.
  • Back checkers are used to make random checks ensuring that leaflet distribution is being conducted properly.
  • Regular progress reports are provided to clients throughout the delivery period.
  • Leaflet Deliveries
    Leaflet Deliveries

    Our aim is to build lasting, collaborative relationships with our clients to enable us to provide an optimal solution to your leaflet distribution needs.

  • Work delivered by our own teams, we do not use sub-contractors.
  • We use designated footpaths only and do not cross gardens, climb over fences or walls.
  • Gates are closed after delivery/or left in the manner that they are found.
  • Copies are not left sticking out of the letter box.
  • Copies are not left in a collective bundle, for example at a tenement block, but delivered to individual homes within a building.
  • Copies are never left outside or at the foot of stairs/tenements/flats/apartment blocks.
  • No deliveries are made before 7.30am & no deliveries are made later than 8.00pm.
  • Copies are not left with a resident to deliver to his/her neighbours.
  • Leaflet Deliveries

      • Newspapers                 • Information Pamphlets
      • Brochures                          • Menus/Price Lists
      • Timetables                            • Business Cards
      • Newsletters                       • Booklets/Samples

    And More...

    Leaflet Deliveries

        We distribute leaflets in these areas:

      • Sussex      • Kent      • Surrey
      • Hampshire      • Dorset      • Wiltshire
      • Berkshire      • Isle Of Wight

    Leaflet Deliveries

    Leaflet Deliveries

    Leaflet Deliveries